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We called Shannon a few weeks ago when my oldest children brought home an extra “surprise” from camp. We tried RID which did absolutely nothing. My oldest daughter has thick, curly hair and trying to comb it out as a novice was nearly impossible. Shannon came to our home the next morning. She was very friendly and there was absolutely no judgment. She did a very thorough job combing out my children’s hair and then used a product containing Dimethicone oil on it. Not only was there no harsh chemical smell, after the product was washed off, my children’s hair was so shiny, soft, and silky. She left enough of the product for us to do a second treatment 11 days later just in case. When it was time for the second treatment, we did a thorough inspection and found no current signs of lice. To have the problem taken care of the first time is such a relief.                                                 In addition to the above, Shannon has many helpful tips on how to treat our home and furnishings. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Stephanie Shaw


Hello! I recently had gotten had lice and didn’t know what to do. I found her number on yahoo and made an appointment.  She was very nice and helpful. She made sure I was comfortable the whole process.  I highly recommend her!!


Christy Neice

5 Responses to What People Say About Us

  1. Christy Neice says:

    Shannon is amazing and takes all the relief off parents. Lice sucks and to have help is amazing! My daughter has had lice 8 times since entering school and she is the only one getting it! My mother and I have sat on driveways and lighted windows picking through my daughters head. At one point, we couldn’t do it again and went to KC 3 times totaling 600 dollars. Please use Shannon she has amazing results and is also there to help with questions or rechecks.

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  2. Marvin and Debra Moore says:

    I cannot thank Shannon enough for what she has done for my family. My son is special needs and freaks out a lot when someone touches his hair. She was amazing with him and my 3 other children. She is thorough, kind, sweet, well-mannered, and patient. She made sure we understood what to do, how to treat our home, and left enough product to retreat again in 11 days. She was amazing to talk to and we left like she was family. Thank you Shannon.

    The Moore Family.


  3. Heather says:

    Shannon was great! We called from a recommendation from our hair dresser. Shannon came out the next day and gave us an education as she was treating my family from these little nasty things. She is discrete and was sensitive to our situation. Thanks Shannon!


  4. headlicetech says:

    Schane Gross reviewed Head Lice Treatment of Wichita —
    5 star
    February 4 ·

    Shannon is amazing! Owner / Operator of Head Lice Treatment of Wichita. Super amazing service and very informative, affordable as well! I thought I could do it myself, I thought I did a good enough job, but she showed me otherwise. I gave up after staying up until 3am to accomplish it on my own last night. Thought I could get up and finish it in the morning. Those of you who know my daughter’s hair… I called the school the next day to let them know why Mila wouldn’t be coming to school.

    Did you know they don’t send home alerts for known cases of lice any more?

    Spoke with the school nurse and decided to follow her suggestion and call Shannon so I can clean / treat my house while she nitpicked Mila. I’m amazed.

    My hair salon friends and parents be advised – this is the woman to call!


  5. Lia says:

    Shannon is a super nice awesome lady! You can clearly tell she genuinely cares about your family. She even stopped by my house on day five on her way back home just to inspect our hair again for free just to reassure us that there are no more nits in our hair.
    In the end if you find out that you have head lice, you actually end up saving money by hiring a professional like Shannon. All the over the counter stuff does not work! Don’t waste your time and money on them! Some are actually harmful to our environment. It’s just a waste of time energy and unnecessary stress, if you want to get rid of head lice once and for all hire Shannon and she will get the job done! I thought I did enough research of how to get rid of them on my own but I ended up wasting time and energy anyhow. Shannon told me things that it didn’t know about head lice. Also the dimethicone really does work! Super easy and even on day five and eleven when I applied the dimethicone as instructed I didn’t even really find lice or nits in our hair,
    I highly reccomend to get Shannon to get those nasty things out! Love her!


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