Interesting FACTS About LICE


lice cartoon 1


  • Hygiene is immaterial to head lice, they enjoy clean and dirty hair equally
  • Lice cannot survive more than 1-2 days without a human host
  • Eggs will die within 2 weeks once they are dislodged from the hair shaft and host.
  •  It is not necessary to use pesticide sprays on furniture, rugs or personal items.  In many cases, this will cause more harm to your home environment than benefit.
  • Lice do not jump or fly; they crawl and trapeze from head to head
  • Human head lice are host specific; they will not infest your animals
  • Keep hair pulled back and use hairspray, hair dryers and hair gel to minimize the chance of acquiring or spread head lice
  • Check clothing with a lint roller for loose hairs on a regular basis
  •  If children share a locker, cubby or coat closet at school, have them place their belongings inside a  zipped backpack or trash bag

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