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Lice Recovery Full Strength Lice Killer Oil: Our Full Strength Lice Killer Dimethicone quickly destroys all lice bugs by suffocating them in minutes!  This silicone based product is completely non-toxic. It operates by blocking the spiracles, which are pores in the side of a louse through which it breathes.  This natural way of killing lice prevents the bugs from developing a resistance.    Available in 4oz and 8oz.  $14.99 and $24.99


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Lice Recovery Enzyme Spray: An exclusive organic blend of enzymes specifically designed to assist in removing and eliminating lice nits and lice bugs. It works by dissolving the glue that attaches the egg to the hair shaft, and piercing the lice shell. Non-Toxic, of course!  8oz is $8.99.

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Lice Recovery Lavender/Rosemary Spray:  This spray provides maximum protection for your house and hair! Lice Recovery’s Lavender/Rosemary Spray is loaded with the mellow blend of organic plant extracts herbs of rosemary and lavender. It is gentle and effective in helping prevent head lice and is great for all hair types. Best of all, it’s safe for the entire family to use every day! It can also be sprayed on furniture and bedding to repel lice. No pesticides, chemicals or toxins.                                                                                                  Available in 4 and 8 ounces.  $8.99 & $14.99






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