Protecting Your HOME

 lice cartoon 2


Many families  exhaust themselves cleaning, vacuuming, spraying, and scrubbing                                          their  homes during their battle with lice.                                                                                           Our Advise?  Keep it simple and safe.                                                                                     It’s easier than you think  to send those lice packing!


Which Products Should you Buy to Clean Your Home?  Answer:  NONE

<> Lice do not live in your home; they live only on humans. Consequently, there is no need to purchase any product for cleaning your home or laundry. Be wary of any company trying to sell you these products or services. They are completely unnecessary! It is  important to remember that head lice are a human parasite and require human blood to survive. They are not environmental pests so pesticidal sprays for furniture and bedding are unnecessary and pose a risk to health.

<>Keep in mind that head lice generally do not live longer than 24 hours off a human host, so when treating your home focus on the areas that the person with head lice has been to within that time frame.

Here are Some Helpful Tips

  • Vacuuming is the safest and best way to remove fallen head lice and fallen hairs that are infested with lice and their eggs,  from upholstered furniture, rugs,  large stuffed animals and cars.
  • Keep a lint roller handy and run it over car head rests and chairs and couches.
  • Laundering in hot water (at least 130°F ) recently worn hats, scarves, coats/jackets, stuffed animals and bedding is  the safest and most effective way to kill head lice.
  • AND/OR run through a hot dryer (your dryer’s hottest setting) for 30 minutes minimum.
  • Do not spray your mattresses or pillows. Head lice are not like bed bugs. They do not burrow through bedding into mattresses and pillows.
  • Soak all hair care items (such as combs, brushes, hair clips, etc.) in hot water (130°F) for 15 minutes or place in a plastic bag and put in your freezer overnight.
  • For items that cannot be soaked in hot water such as headsets or helmets or some toys, place in a tightly sealed plastic bag and put them in a freezer overnight.
  •  Place items that cannot be cleaned or run through the dryer (i.e. stuffed animals and toys) in a tightly sealed plastic bag for 14 days. This assures that any eggs that may have laid and hatched (which is one in a 10 thousand chance) are dead.

Remember:   Keep It Simple And Safe.




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